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My Journey to the Fringe 2016

posted 6 Feb 2016, 14:13 by Angus Chisholm
Every year we make resolutions, and every year we stick to them more or less.  Well at least that's what I do.  Each year since leaving drama school I've told myself this year I will make something happen.  Each year 12 months have managed to slip by without me being as proactive as I'd like.  So this year I thought I'd publicly commit myself - even if writing this post is the equivalent of whispering my intentions whilst walking down Oxford street on sales day...

So two weeks ago the journey began with me in Glasgow feeling inspired after having enjoyed A Play, A Pie and A Pint at Òran Mór.  I decided to go looking for somewhere to browse for scripts.  I found myself stumbling into the office of Playwrights' Studio, Scotland where the incredibly helpful Jackie, Fiona and Keira were very happy to listen to my ramblings and then suggest some scripts from their library which I then spent the next 40 minutes reading on a sofa outside of their office.

I found some possibilities, I bought some scripts.  I returned to London

I read one of the possibilities to my girlfriend, housemate and her boyfriend over beer and pizza.  Afterwards we went to the pub and coming home feeling full of courage I applied to see the rights were available.  Isn't this how all the great adventures must have been conceived?

What I found more amazing than the fact my email was both spelled and punctuated correctly was that not only that the rights were available, but that they were available to me.  This was a big moment.  The first time someone has ever said "yes, you can perform my show."

So cutting to present day - I have expressed my definite interest in producing the show.  I still need to pay the advance to actually reserve the rights, and I still need to find a venue and director.  Once I've completed at least one of these tasks I'll announce the details of the show.

That's all for now.